Hireing Now
White Management Team:
While NY State has made great progress in stopping the spread of Covid-19, there is no end in site at this time.  Neighboring states are not doing as well as NY (and that number is growing) and those visiting from outside will bring additional risk to our areas. So, too, will universities, some of whom have excellent plans in place to control the virus, while others are not well-prepared at all and are closing down and sending sick students back into their home communities. We MUST remain vigilant and committed to the many protocols we have put in place to keep our teams and customers safe.
Per our recent discussions, please ensure that your entire staff continues to follow all protocols put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus. These include:
All staff must PROPERLY wear masks at all times inside our restaurants. Some kitchen staff have alternative policies given the presence of high-powered ventilation equipment. Any exception to the mask policy must be approved by the manager, the NY State health department, and the president of White Management.
Frequent hand washing of 20+ seconds must continue, as well as frequent use of hand sanitizer.
Signage announcing the requirement of masks and social distancing must be posted publicly in all entry points and at potential bottleneck areas. Please check to see if your current signage has gotten tired looking and needs to be replaced with fresh signage.
Daily Employee Covid Protocols upon arrival for work must continue. These protocols should include temperature checks, questions regarding the presence of Covid symptoms, travel within the last 14 days, exposure to others, etc.
Hand Sanitizer must be widely available in restaurants—throughout a customer’s dine in/take-out experience, at store entrances, at check-out areas, etc. 
Bathroom use should have a plan to limit number of people using the facility at one time, a clear path to enter/exit bathroom that allows for social distancing, and a way for customers to open/close doors without sullying hands (is hand sanitizer located outside bathroom, or is there a trashcan outside so they can open door with paper towel and throw away after opening door?)
Marked/Signed Indoor Traffic Patterns to ensure proper social distancing.
College student employee protocol—We have developed a “White Management College Student Employee Contract” which must be read and signed by any college student currently working or returning to work, given the uncertainty and variety of college Covid strategies. We expect to re-evaluate this situation after October 1, 2020. 
Team/Company Meetings and Events—Any company-sanctioned meeting, from a daily staff meeting to an off-site manager’s meeting, must adhere to these same standards. All attendants must be offered seating that allows them to maintain six feet of distance from their colleagues. Masks must be worn any time social distance cannot be maintained. Exceptions may occur if two people have already determined that they are in each other’s pre-existing pod (live in the same house, share the same small group of contacts, etc).
If you need help updating any of these protocols, please reach out to me directly.