Hireing Now
White Management Team:

We want to update you on where our company stands in relation to the Coronavirus crisis.

We had mentioned to you earlier that we were applying for the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) that, once received, would allow us to begin bringing our team back to pre-Coronavirus staffing levels. We received PPP funding yesterday for all but one division of our company. (Adirondack Chicken is the only division not yet funded by PPP due to a clerical issue involving a minority owner—this has just been resolved.) All other divisions of the company—Bountiful Bread, Coldstone Creamery, Dunkin, Log Jam, and Butcher Block—have received funding and will begin to increase staffing levels immediately. Adirondack Chicken is applying for round II of PPP which we expect to come through in the upcoming weeks.

Your managers will be reaching out to you to increase your hours, but will also work with those of you who continue to deal with changed circumstances such as homeschooling young children or caring for a sick relative. We are excited to get you all back to work and bringing home full paychecks.

For those of you who are enrolled in White Management’s CDPHP healthcare plan and Lifetime Benefits dental plan, White Management is waiving employee premiums for the months of April, May, and June.

Regarding Employee Meal Programs, our full-service restaurants plan to offer another discounted employee meal for Mother’s Day Dinner on Sunday, May 10. We will also plan to schedule deliveries to stores located further away (Canton, NY and Springfield, MA, for example), so those employees can take advantage of this offer.

We will be working to plan to bring meals to healthcare workers in the areas of Malone, Plattsburgh, Glens Falls, and Albany. Some stores, such as the Log Jam and Dunkin Malone Uptown, have already done this on their own accord, which was greatly appreciated. If you do have a close friend or family member working in healthcare in one of those areas, and want to help with the planning of our meal delivery, please let your manager know.

We have been happy to be able to assist some of our employees with our Employee Crisis Relief Fund, and that is still available for those struggling to meet their basic needs. However, we are hopeful that our being able to bring employees back to pre-Coronavirus staffing levels will provide the necessary income to support all of you.

We are proud of all of you for staying strong through this, and embracing new norms such as maintaining extreme levels of hygiene, wearing gloves and masks, and perfecting the art of contactless transactions. These practices have allowed our teams and our customers to stay healthy and safe. This crisis is far from over, and we ask for your continued vigilance as we ride this storm.


Brian, David, and Candice White