Hireing Now

$31,800. That seems like a small price to pay for all our restaurant employees to be safe from the threat of Covid-19. Sign us up. Our company has 636 people on the payroll, and we’re ready to pay every single employee who gets their covid vaccination $50 in cash. We want to do our part to help our country, and our business, move beyond Covid-19 and resume normal life.

All White Management employees who receive their full vaccination by May 1st will receive $50 in cash. Simply go to the NY State Dept. of Health website, sign up for a vaccination at a location near you, acknowledge you are a restaurant worker, and follow the prompts to register. Bring your Registration Ticket, a paystub, a NYS Vaccine Form, and get your shot. If you are receiving a vaccination that requires a second shot, sign up for your second shot at your first shot. Once you receive your vaccination card, show it to your manager and you’ll receive $50 the following week. It’s that easy.

Let’s do this together, and move beyond covid-19. It’s right for our business, for our health, and for our country.